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Continental VancoCamper - a tyre for unforgettable vacations

With the Continental VancoCamper one will experience certainly to many a memorable holiday. For the many good handling characteristics that provide summer tyre from which the trade press was enthusiastic.

High safety and extreme driving stability

Meanwhile security requirements are also placed on the motorhome tyres, therefore camping vehicles can find the latest technology a suitable companion. In this context, the well-known tyre manufacturer from Hanover has an innovative and reliable summer tyre developed, which is provided with proven technologies. So the Continental VancoCamper characterized by its high safety reserves, allowing riders of rear heavy campers can enjoy extra driving stability. In addition, the Continental VancoCamper impresses with a reinforced structure that can ensure increased durability when camping typical impasses. In addition, the shortened stopping distance is on a wet surface, so that is safe and comfortable even during heavy rainfall on the go. Thanks to the permanent air pressure stability, which is far above the minimum pressure, you also can benefit from longer service intervals.

Continental - Tyres for all cases

With Continental tyres you are well prepared for any situation. Thanks to the high quality and the excellent operational performance of the Continental can enjoy a comprehensive stability and security as well as convenience. Moreover the wide range of different models that all applications covering and includes not only tyres for cars and trucks and tyres for a range of special vehicles.

The Continental VancoCamper offering the ideal holiday companion who come true the dream of a camping holiday. Equipped with numerous good runnability, it is convenient and reliable even in heavy rainfall on the go. This is reflected among other things in a longer shelf life as well as in high safety reserves, so that you can enjoy maximum driving pleasure. Thanks to the high load capacity of the Continental VancoCamper is also very suitable for tail-heavy mobile homes.

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