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The Continental ContiEcoContact EP is considered high quality summer tyres

Continental is one of the best-known tyre manufacturers worldwide. This is primarily due to the high-quality tyres, which produces the company from Hannover. However, the delight tyres also to its always fair value Verhältnises great popularity. These under the tyres of Continental Continental ContiEcoContact EP, which is used as summer tyres and has many positive attributes.

Continental ContiEcoContact EP high speed tolerance

Anyone interested in the Continental ContiEcoContact EP, takes the summer tyre before in different variations. All tyres the series come along at a high speed and load tolerance. So this can also be used in sports cars or cars of the upper class and some vans. The speed tolerance is usually at about 200 km/h, however, varies depending on the set of tyres slightly. The same applies to the carrying capacity, where 82 C is the minimum at Continental ContiEcoContact EP.

The Continental ContiEcoContact EP - a good tyre for the middle class

An especially recommendatory set of tyres Continental ContiEcoContact EP 195 / 60R15 88T TL, which knows how to impress with its low prices, its high quality and its stylish design. He is regarded as an ideal car tyre for medium-sized car, even if its carrying capacity is 88 C. However, the speed tolerance at 192 km/h is too low for use in sports cars. In this case you should rely on a different tyre series Continental ContiEcoContact EP. However, such a higher priced settled as the Continental ContiEcoContact EP 195 / 60R15 88T TL

Continental stands for quality in all respects. This proves the German company with the Continental ContiEcoContact EP. In addition to a high level of quality is benefited as shoppers also by an excellent price-performance ratio and a long service life and low wear of this tyre.

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