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The Continental ContiSportContact 2 is a German high performance tyres from Continental for the superclass

The Continental ContiSportContact 2 The German tyre manufacturer Continental as car tyres specifically designed for high performance cars to luxury models and sports cars. The handling of this high-performance tyre is accordingly well in all situations. The Continental ContiSportContact 2 is quality product, which is located in a higher price segment.

The Continental ContiSportContact 2 reacts flexible and safe handling on all road conditions

The use of two fabrics of different hardness materials for the carcass has the Continental ContiSportContact 2 imparted particularly robust and flexible properties, which pays off with a good grip and high rigidity. In addition, good grip gets the tyre by its own tread compound, which the Continental ContiSportContact 2 gives extra traction for optimum acceleration, shorter braking distances and the steering can be addressed very precisely especially when cornering.

Particularly good wet running characteristics reduce aquaplaning

With a very special tread design of the Continental ContiSportContact 2 be particularly stable handling achieved during straight running and cornering. The for the Continental ContiSportContact 2 newly developed so-called bionic tyre compound guarantees high security in dry and in the wet, because in wet weather the Continental ContiSportContact 2 is its reputation as a high-performance tyres. The longitudinal and transverse grooves of the special tread designs are designed so that water is drained particularly well from the footprint of the Continental ContiSportContact 2 on wet roads. The manufacturer Continental has thus significantly reduced the risk of aquaplaning.

The Continental ContiSportContact 2 is a summer tyre for sports cars and top-class automobiles. Its handling is characterized by straight-line stability, precise steering response when cornering and excellent traction even at high speeds and a sporty driving style. The drivability on wet roads benefited from high grip, it also ensures dry conditions for optimal traction.

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