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The Continental Contigo - super liability for lightweight motorcycles

Also for light motorcycles and mopeds best possible tyres are important. The Continental Contigo met as a specialized motorcycle tyres these conditions in any case.

Designed for lightweight motorcycles and mopeds

Due to the consistently other performance characteristics of lightweight motorcycles and mopeds have arisen in these areas also completely different demands on a specialized tyres than with the "big" bikes. With its special design, which is tailored especially to motorcycles with very low power, the Continental Contigo good adhesion and excellent grip provides all-weather. In addition, the Continental Contigo also improves steering behavior in curves and overall ensures greater driving stability. The balanced driving characteristics are present at each tyre temperature - unlike many motorcycle summer tyres Continental Contigo does not have to reach its operating temperature. Overall, the agility of the light motorcycle or moped is significantly improved by the Contigo what an effective Plus is the fast city traffic. The tread design not only ensures good wet grip, but can also optically very convincing. The abrasion is at Contigo particularly uniformly, which ensures a long service life of the tyre and for a high mileage.

Continental Contigo - experienced German workmanship

Continental is not only the fourth largest, but also one of the oldest tyre manufacturers in the world. In 1871 pneumatic tyres were prepared for bicycles in the factory, at the beginning of the last century Continental one of the first who developed pneumatic tyres for automobiles with profile and produced. This more than one hundred years of experience ensure even today for the high quality of products from Continental, which are sold under various brand names. Among them such well-known trade names such as Gislaved, Barum or Semperit are found, all of which are trademarks of the Continental Corporation. Also Uniroyal is a trademark of Continental.

The Continental Contigo is a specialized motorcycle tyre for light motorcycles and mopeds, which ensures under all weather conditions for good grip and high driving stability. In fast city traffic it can also affect the agility of lightweight motorcycle clearly positive.

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