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Continental LM 90

The LM 90 from Continental is conceived for SUV tyres, excellent driving characteristics promises to Offorrad routes. Its reliability is characterized by increased traction on unpaved roads and a reinforced carcass. The Continental LM 90 leaves a solid impression even on the road. His aquaplaning resistance reduces the risk when driving on wet roads.

Innovative off-road technology from Continental

Continental paves the way in the field with the LM 90th This tyre is a good investment for safety and driving comfort with the SUV or SUV during the winter season. It is the first Continental off-road tyres , which promises high performance in off-road and can be used simultaneously on the paved road. Besides SUVs and SUVs also trucks and vans on the proven technology of Continental LM 90 can set. For this reason, the LM 90 is the ideal alternative to Continental winter tyres for vans . It is the ideal tyre for heavy vehicles on unpaved surfaces.

Special slat shape for more grip on snow

The profile of the Continental LM 90 is developed with numerous computer simulations. So the engineers have performed already during the development phase tests, which were for the later properties of the tyre of the utmost importance. The profile consists of several different shaped studs. Each of these tunnels has also different slat, which increases grip and traction significantly on wintry roads. Wide grooves provide effective water drainage and prevent the adherence of snow and mud. The hard compound can not be claimed when braking, so that braking distances are much shorter on unpaved roads. SUV drivers can on the proven quality of also BF Goodrich off-road tyres left.

Thanks to the innovative profile of Continental LM 90 is a premium winter tyres for use on the road and off. Increased traction and a better braking performance are just a few features that the new Continental LM 90 promises. Thanks to its special construction of this tyre can be mounted on SUVs, SUVs, trucks and vans.

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