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Continental K112

Higher mileage with reduced fuel consumption, great stability because of circumferential grooves, and neutral handling, Continental K112 tyres are made for classic super bike lovers.
Continental K112 tyres are exceptional handlers of wet and dry seasons with an equal ease and comfort and they are good at their grip with a style that looks back to the yester year. Great style in the present with glimpse of past!

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Continental K 112 - a trusted classic for the motorcycle trip

The Continental K 112 has become a popular classic that anytime delivers a convincing performance with its high mileage and good stability. This motorcycle tyres one is thus safe and very reliable way.

Balanced handling and excellent grip

With its classic design the Continental K 112 is completely convincing already from a visual standpoint. In addition, scores this Continental series with its elaborately designed tread pattern, which is provided with numerous longitudinal grooves. Thus, not only an excellent grip, but also excellent handling is ensured even in higher speed ranges. This is complemented by the high mileage and superior traction of Continental K 112, which increases the comfort and safety during every journey again considerably. No less convincing ours is made by Continental in terms of stability: For the innovative rubber blend of Continental K 112, so you do not lose control of his vehicle even in higher speed ranges makes.

Continental - the tyre expert from Hanover

The tyre manufacturer Continental has long been synonymous with high quality and strong running performance even under adverse weather and road conditions. This is thanks to the many good handling characteristics and excellent performance, through which all the tyres from Continental can excel. Even experts are impressed by the high efficiency of these models, which can always be cut outstandingly well in tests repeatedly.

The Continental K 112 proved to be a powerful and reliable motorcycle tyre is long established status of a classic. During every driving itself makes the excellent performance of this model noticeable, so you can enjoy superior traction and total control in addition to high stability and very good mileage.

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