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Continental CST 17 - powerful and safe

The Continental CST 17 is another powerful product from Continental. With its numerous good characteristics of this provides summer tyres from a good performance, which leaves little to be desired.

Continental CST 17 convinces with good handling and low wear

The tyre manufacturer from Hanover has long been known for its quality and qualitative models who know how to convince with a good overall performance. This also applies to the Continental CST 17, which proves to be a powerful companion due to its special and sophisticated tread. Both in the wet and on dry surfaces can benefit from the good handling and high grip of this tyre from Continental, so that one is always safe and comfortable way. The driving pleasure is also guaranteed by the high abrasion resistance of the Continental CST 17, which ensures a low wear and thus a longer service life.

Continental - a premium brand from Hannover

The Continental brand is hardly an indispensable part of the international tyre market. In countless countries all over the world car will appreciate the high-quality and high-performance models made ​​by Continental , who deliver a convincing performance even under difficult conditions. This is mainly due to the stringent safety and quality standards of the company from Hannover, which also relies on a continual optimization and development of its products. It is therefore hardly surprising that Continental tyres end up again in the first places in tests.

With the Continental CST 17 the renowned manufacturer from Lower Saxony reiterates a high quality and high-performance tyres on the market, which leaves little to be desired. Even in difficult weather and road conditions this summer tyre from Continental proves as a reliable companion, so that among other things, enjoys a high grip and excellent traction as motorists. In addition, the Continental CST 17 is characterized by a high abrasion resistance and good handling.

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