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Continental Contact Plus Tyre

One of the many tyres for bicycles is Continental Contact Plus Tyre. It is known for its ability to handle friction and outstanding traction. Continental has made this tyre specifically to handle sharp turns and excellent manoeuvrability. Tyres from Continental are popular for automobiles. However, the company has made its marks in the bicycle industry as well.

The Tyre Continental Contact Plus’s Exceptional Price Range

There is no better deal when you get the top quality product at a very decent price. Continental has a philosophy of enabling users to extract maximum value from their purchase, and the same goes for Continental Contact Plus tyre . There are different versions of this model available on the market, and they all come at a very affordable price. The best part is Continental never compromises on quality.

Run-Flat and Pressure Monitoring

The tyre Continental Contact Plus comes with many innovative technologies, but two of them stand out because both are directly associated with your safety. The run-flat feature means that your tyre can go for about eighty miles even on a flat. It gives you plenty of time to reach a nearby workshop and fix it. On the other hand, the automatic pressure monitoring feature gives you alerts associated with the inflation pressure of your tyre. Continental Contact Plus Tyre is built for road safety. 

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