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Continental ContiSportContact 3 - best braking performance for real high performance car

The Continental ContiSportContact 3 convinced as his predecessors by its excellent performance even at high speeds. Like other summer tyres it is therefore a guarantee for completely relaxed and pleasant car trips.

High steering precision and optimum water drainage

Not only enthusiastic drivers will be delighted by the Continental ContiSportContact 3 high degree: Thanks to the high steering precision this tyre ensures that the driver at all times retains control even at high speeds or abrupt steering maneuvers. This is guaranteed by the asymmetrical tread band of the Continental ContiSportContact 3 which can absorb all transverse forces optimally. In addition, this profile belts allow on dry asphalt optimized absorbing the forces exerted on braking. Drivers can therefore benefit from shorter braking distances. Not least, the sophisticated tread pattern ensures that the optimized grooves by their greater volume can hold more water again. Thus, all safety margins are considerably increased and the risk of aquaplaning drops significantly.

Continental - tyre specialist from Hannover

The German manufacturer Continental has long been a global player in the field of tyre production. Founded back in 1871 in Lower Saxony Hanover, the internationally active Continental AG employs more than 160,000 employees in almost 50 countries. The tyres from Continental all convincing with its high quality and numerous product innovations that can be ensured thanks to intensive research and development work. Worth mentioning is also the wide range of different models for cars, trucks and special vehicles, which leaves nothing to be desired.

The Continental ContiSportContact 3 was designed for sporty and ambitious drivers who want to benefit even at high speeds from an optimum steering precision. Even adverse weather conditions and daredevil maneuvers, it is possible to maintain control. Thanks to the optimum drainage the risk of aquaplaning is also successfully reduced.

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