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Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tyres

The all-new Continental Grand Prix 5000 tyres are a new era in cycling. Experience a whole new level of performance with the Continental tyre Grand Prix 5000. Continental uses a unique tread compound that is only made in Germany. Continental has revolutionized the sport of cycling. The Grand Prix 5000 Continental tyres utilize the legendary BlackChili compound which provides outstanding rolling resistance and superior grip. 

What is BlackChili Compound?

There are three main factors that distinguish a cycle tyre’s rolling properties. They are:

  • Stiction (Grip)
  • Rolling resistance
  • Longevity (mileage)

The BlackChili compound provides a crucial balance of these three factors. Polymers and raw material research have led to the creation of the BlackChili compound. The BlackChili compound consists of synthetic rubbers refined into natural rubber combined with high-performance tread mixtures. Soot particles are then added to the tread mixture. The production of Continental Grand Prix 5000 tyres are so sensitive they are exclusively made in Continentals German Korbach plant. The compound formulations are adjusted according to the tyre’s application such as:

  • Mountain biking
  • Road biking
  • Downhill racing
  • Time trialing

The use of BlackChili compound optimizes the three main factors without compromising any of them. 

Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tyre Features

Active Comfort Technology

Continental uses Active Comfort Technology which provides riders with a smoother ride and reduced vibrations. 

Lazer Grip

Outstanding cornering is provided by the utilization of Lazer Frip. Expanded over the tyre’s shoulder, is the lasered micro profile structure. 


Vectran is a liquid-crystalline polymer. Vectran is produced by a process of spinning melted liquid polymer Vectra and then processed into a multi-strand thread. Vectran provides a huge tear resistance factor. A Vectran Breaker is by far stronger than the traditional nylon breaker. The Vectran breaker insert on the Continental Grand Prix 5000 is light and more flexible and does not affect adverse rolling resistance. 

Buy Grand Prix 5000 Award-Winning Tyres

The Continental Grand Prix 5000 tyres price is well worth the money for these award-winning tyres. The Continental Grand Prix 5000 tyres have won the following awards:

  • The 2019 Tour - Test Sieger - 25-mm-Relfen
  • The 2019 Design and Innovation Award
  • The 2019 Design Award
  • The 2019 RoadBike Test- Sieger
  • The 2018 Editor’s Choice by Bike Rumor

When you see a bicycle tyre that has won this many awards even finding the cheapest Continental Grand Prix 5000 tyres will provide you with outstanding quality. 


Continental Grand Prix 5000 Price - Well Worth The Money

When you are shopping around for the Continental Grand Prix 5000 best price we can definitely help you with that. We are extremely knowledgable in the tyre industry and work hard to find the best deals that are out there. For your convenience, we also provide you with direct links to the best prices. Along with providing you with the best price Continental Grand Prix 5000 tyres, you can view all the Continental Grand Prix 5000 tyre sizes that are available. 

Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tyre Sizes

Continental Grand Prix 5000 sizes are available in both 27” and 28”. The 27” size dimensions available are:

  • 650 x 28B
  • 650 x 25B

The 28” size dimensions available are:

  • 700 x 32C
  • 700 x 28C
  • 700 x 25C
  • 700 x 23C

All these Continental Grand Prix 5000 tyres are constructed with Vectran Breaker Technology. 

Continental Grand Prix 5000 Offers

Along with direct links to the cheapest sellers, we also provide links for current offers that are available when purchasing Continental Grand Prix tyres. By viewing all the available offers that sellers are promoting, you will be sure to find the best possible price for these great tyres. 

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