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Continental TKC 70

The Continental company focuses on producing tyres for any type of vehicle, gauge and speed. Innovation and safety are the fundamental principles of this brand. Collaborations with prestigious manufacturers as Daimler-Benz and Porsche, have allowed Continental to set several world speed records in Grand Prix racing.
Continental TKC 70 is the latest generation and off-road tyres and is located right in the middle of the off-road oriented TKC 80 Twinduro and road oriented ContiTrailAttack 2.
These tyres provide superior performance on the road. Additionally, they provide high water drainage generated by the design of the slots, which together with the Rain Grip technology offers the best performance and safety of driving in wet conditions. The design of the central area of the rear tyre improves comfort and minimizes the noise level.
Another important factor is it has been designed with small studs in the middle of the tread to improve grip in Off Road. The profile design improves the self-cleaning of the earth and to optimize water drainage on wet surfaces.

The unique technology of these tyres prevents the tyre "slip", suppress the initial running of the tyre giving it a "micro-rough" surface and making it the safest tyre from the start. Continuous Compound used in these tyres provides gradual and homogeneous grip with a single compound by a sophisticated control over the temperature during tyre vulcanization.

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