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Continental ContiEcoContact 5, fuel-efficient summer tyres

In times of scarce raw materials, fuel prices rising almost continuously, because the global demand for gasoline and diesel is growing. Fuel-saving tyres are not only an ecological point of a sensible investment, they also save money. Among the fuel-saving tyres and the Continental ContiEcoContact part 5. It is in all popular sizes available and is therefore ideally suited for virtually any type of vehicle. With summer tyres as the ContiEcoContact 5, fuel consumption is lowered and the purse rested - on every journey.

Save fuel at high security

Continental is one of the world leaders among tyre manufacturers. Continental tyres are not only a durable but also as above average reliability. Therefore, the Continental ContiEcoContact 5 for its high quality and its reasonable price among drivers is equally popular. The eco-Pneu combines low rolling resistance with short braking distances. For new rubber compounds are used, in addition, the tyre is equipped with an innovative profile contour. The low rolling resistance saves fuel without compromising in terms of safety: The Continental ContiEcoContact 5, motorists can on short braking distances left to dry as on wet ground.


Test results that convince

In recent tyre tests Continental ContiEcoContact 5 intersects well: In ADAC summer tyre test 2012, he gets the overall rating of "Good" and is in the tested size the first place. The auditors praised the good balance that high mileage and low fuel consumption. In the ADAC test of the Continental ContiEcoContact 5 was run on a VW Polo. He believes, however, also in other vehicle classes. Available the Conti tyres is in dimensions 14 to 17 inches, making it well suited for aluminum wheels is. Depending on the size of individual models for are speed classes between T and Y admitted - that cover a wide tempo range 190-300 km/h.

The Continental ContiEcoContact 5 is a tyre for all motorists. The versatile summer tyre features innovative design and good handling.

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