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Continental ContiSportAttack 2: Innovative tyres from the premium producer

With the Continental ContiSportAttack 2 represents the traditional manufacturer even clear who in the development of innovative tyre has the say. The new Continental tyres series shows that budget tyres of cheap manufacturers still are not competitive.

Crash blank without compromise

The Continental Conti Sport Attack 2 is a high-performance motorcycle tyres, which was designed for fast road use. With it technologically genuine ground was broken, what is it particularly for fast cornering. For BMW it is 1000 RR of tyres for original equipment for the S.
With a balanced design of the front and rear of the Continental ContiSportAttack can lead 2 fast bikes in border areas that were previously unattainable. Turn with more than 170 km/h possible if the road allows. Accelerate the apex of the curve or cornering Vorbremsen entry - hardly a tyre makes motorcycles at high speeds yet as stable and manageable.

New from the think tank of the technology leader

By martial name "Black Chili" Continental introduces a tread compound, the extremely short warm-up and a demanding driving style permits. With "Traction Skin" the break-in of the Continental summer tyre has been reduced to a minimum. This was made possible by an innovative grinding method, with which the tyre was roughed. For the first time to dispense with a release agent during the vulcanization process, so that the tyre is available immediately after the installation with the full performance. Swabs must Continental ContiSportAttack 2 only make the wet performance. But who goes with heavy rain his motorcycle in border areas?

With the flood of cheap offers and imitation products, it is pleasant again, if established manufacturers breathe new life into the industry. Technological leadership must always be fought - but with the Continental ContiSportAttack 2 This objective was achieved again. The patented process that give its revolutionary properties on tyres, secure in its segment once again the projection of "Made in Germany".

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