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Continental SportContact 6 Tyres

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Continental SportContact 6 Tyres

These tyres are designed for high-performance vehicles and sports cars. These tyres are developed for the drivers of sports coupes, sports cars, sports truck and performance sedans. Continental SportContact 6 tyres provide exceptional handling on dry and wet surfaces, and it also equips the driver with precise steering.

You can choose from different Continental SportContact 6 sizes and designs to suit your needs. All Continental Sport Contact 6 sizes provide your vehicle with balanced dynamic behave. The tyres are fully loaded with fun factors but only offer average rolling resistance.

Continental SportContact 6 sizes made to beat

The tyres also come with a notched intermediate rib on the external side to boost its cornering stability and responsiveness. Continental SportContact 6 tyres are equipped with high-grip, a silica-based tread compound that is molded within the asymmetrical tread of this Tyre with stable shoulder blocks.

The center of the tread comes with independent blocks that are far apart due to crisscross grooves with high angles. These grooves enhance the biting edges that are vital when you need topnotch performance from your vehicle wet and snowy weather.

The independent inboard shoulder blocks assist in dispersing slush and water and improve its traction in foul weather conditions. Continental SportContact 6 price make these tyres one of the best to consider because the quality at such an affordable rate is a rare commodity.

Technical characteristics of Continental Tyres Sport Contact 6

These tyres are equipped with high-grip technology along with a silica-based compound that functions exceptionally well in all seasons. The compound is molded within the tread that has an asymmetrical design provided with stable shoulder blocks.

Continental Contact 6 sport tyres are also equipped with an intermediate notched rib on the outer side to provide support in cornering and increase the tyres responsiveness and balance. The independent blocks of at the center of the Tyre are aside because of the high crisscross grooves which provide the tyres with better biting edges.

If you are looking to enhance the performance of your vehicle, then you must take care of your Continental Contact 6 Sport tyres as well. Always keep in check the pressure of all your tyres and regularly go for rotation and alignment as well.

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