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Continental ContiWinterContact TS 780 - the ideal tyre for mid-range and compact cars

Innovative technologies and many good handling characteristics - the Continental ContiWinterContact TS 780 once again demonstrates that the Lower Saxony tyre manufacturers rightly enjoys such a good reputation. This winter tyres maximum fun is guaranteed.

Continental ContiWinterContact TS 780: Excellent traction and excellent performance

Even extremely wintry road and weather conditions may the Continental ContiWinterContact TS 780 not harm. For this, the number of innovative technologies, such as the patented honeycomb slats with which the Continental winter tyres equipped. This not only ensures better braking and acceleration in snow and ice, but also ensures a significantly improved cornering and a safe track behavior. In addition, the motorist benefits the Continental ContiWinterContact TS 780, thanks to the advanced tread compound of silica of higher safety reserves even at very wintry temperatures. Thanks to the directional tread, which is provided, inter alia with two circumferential grooves and arrow-shaped, deep cuts, also the risk of aquaplaning will be reduced considerably.

Continental - the global players from Hannover

The tyre manufacturer Continental is not only in this country now become one of the main producers of high-quality tyres. Long ago are tyres from Continental sold in countless countries around the globe. Customers appreciate the Lower Saxony manufacturer's models for the high quality and innovative technologies. Even in critical driving situations provide car tyres like the Continental ContiWinterContact TS 780 from an unchanged high performance and provide total comfort and a high level of security.

With the Continental ContiWinterContact TS 780 the successful tyre manufacturer once again presents a powerful winter tyre delivers high performance even in extreme winter conditions. This is ensured thanks to the innovative technologies and high quality materials. Also worth mentioning is the elaborately designed tread pattern of the Continental ContiWinterContact what ride comfort once again increased considerably and provides comprehensive security.

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