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Features of the Continental Contipremiumcontact 5 Tyres

Continental contipremiumcontact 5 tyres are best known for reducing many driving risks. They are noted for their short braking distances on both wet and dry roads. This is due to the technology of their 2 part asymmetric tread. This ensures there is no loss in grip on extreme driving surfaces. The perfect grip provides optimal handling to create a smooth and safe ride. Continental tyres contipremiumcontact 5 are well suited for everyday driving for a variety of vehicles. The optimised 3D edges of the Contipremiumcontact 5 Continental Tyres aid in the reduction of braking distances. These tyres utilize the macro blocks that were initially designed for the ContiSporContact 5 which guarantees safe and reliable driving even while travelling at high speeds. These tyres are also environmentally friendly, which is important to many people today. The tyres construction of an innovative rubber compound reduces rolling distance and therefore reduces C02 emissions. C02 emissions greatly affect the environment. This type of construction also reduced fuel consumption. This tyre also features increased shoulder flexibility and a reinforced tyre bead. This top of the range intermediate class tyre can provide a comfortable and safe ride for any type of driver. These contipremiumcontact 5 continental tyres would be a great addition to many varieties of vehicles 

Continental Tyres Contipremiumcontact 5 Rank High in Many Testings

Choosing a tyre like Continental Contipremium 5 tyres which has proven its great performance and safety features by ranking high in many tests would benefit many drivers. One of the largest groups in the tyre industry is Continental. They have a great reputation for producing high performance and extremely safe tyres for its many models it produces. Continental is a German company which was founded in 1871. Continental owns many brands like Uniroyal, Viking, Barum, Semperit and Matador. The Continental group owns 22 research centers and factories all over the world. This tyre has the highest rated parameter for its grip on dry road surfaces. 

Customer Reviews Reflect the Great Continental Contipremiumcontact 5 Price

There are many customer reviews stating the many positive benefits of purchasing these great quality tyres. The great ability to master corners at increased speeds with these tyres is amazing. Customers have stated these tyres are good value for a premium tyre and would highly recommend them. Other customer reviews have stated how quiet the tyres are and how good they are on wet roads. These are great reasons to buy continental contipremiumcontact 5 tyres. For extra convenience choose to buy your continental contipremiumcontact 5 online by visiting our website. 

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