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The Continental Tyre Manufacturing Company is specialized in the manufacturing of sport cars but also have products for cars and vans. It is a South African company that has been setting up its standard in the international tyre market through the quality of its products. They produced these tyres with a specific vision of being the first choice of customer for driving. The company believes that performance is the foremost thing that drives choices and passion. They are providing the market with indispensable tyre solutions. They continuously engage their investors and stake holders to create the products of higher sustainability. Their work is completely quality based therefore they do not compromise on this. Most important of all is the nature for which they make sure that their products are environmental friendly, providing a pleasant driving experience to their customers. These tyres are preferred because of their reasonable prices and being a full featured package that every consumer looks for.

Continental EcoContact tyre, one of the best and the newest tyre from the Continental EcoContact model series of the Company. It guarantees the efficiency for mid-range cars and provides safety to its driver while driving. It possesses a unique pattern that enhances it properties in certain spheres. Its asymmetrical tread design provides optimized contact with ground and thus has a short braking distance in dry and wet road conditions. It has a flexible compound called silica that allow a strong connection between the surface and tyre to provide the maximum degree of traction in both conditions, dry and wet. Its Rim diameter is 13 to 15 inches along with its width of about 145 to195. Its tread for circumferential stiffness ensures superb performance of braking along with directional stability and high precision handling. The incisions and the grip edges present on the outer shoulder provide enhanced traction, especially in wet curves. In the middle of thread are present circumferential and lateral grooves that are optimally arranged to ensure a high level of water expulsion from the tyre and offers maximum grip on wet roads and a comfortable riding experience. It has low fuel consumption and high mileage.

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