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Continental Vanco ECO - environmentally friendly and economical

The name gives a hint already: The Continental Vanco ECO is a very environmentally friendly and economical summer tyre which is perfectly suited for everyday use.

High load capacity and improved braking performance

In developing the Continental Vanco ECO special attention was paid to an optimum load capacity with simultaneous excellent stability. This is clearly noticeable: The Continental summer tyres impresses with its optimized arrangement of the lamellae, which not only ensures an optimized braking performance on wet roads, but on an excellent stability at all times. In addition, the Continental Vanco ECO is characterized by a new and stiff shoulder design that allows an excellent grip when cornering. By wide and circumferential grooves, the risk of aquaplaning is also considerably reduced, so that adverse weather conditions with this model of Continental need no longer be feared. Thanks to the car-like performance of Continental Vanco ECO is also provided for better handling as well as excellent braking performance. The high carrying capacity also makes it possible to transport even heavy loads without any problems. In addition the low tread wear and the optimized rolling resistance, so you have to make no compromise in terms of economy and security.

Continental - the experienced and innovative tyre expert

The tyre manufacturer Continental is thanks to his great experience and the best quality of its products long since become one of the world's major brands in this field. No wonder, the manufacturer has yet to intensive research and development work, so that the Continental tyres make always talk with major product innovations by themselves.

With the Continental Vanco ECO can be transported safely even heavy loads under adverse weather and road conditions. This summer tyre from Continental offers in addition to its high efficiency and large environmental friendliness with its optimum mileage, for especially the sophisticated tread design shows responsible.

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