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Cheap sports tyres: Continental Conti Twist Sport

A good sports tyres for motorcycles must not only withstand high speeds, but it also provide optimum traction and stability. The Continental Conti Twist Sport tyres meet all these requirements and are also quite inexpensive.

Continental stands for quality

Hardly anyone does not know the company Founded in 1871, Continental , which in different countries of the world, one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world, with more than 200 locations. From sporty tyres for the bike developed to winter tyres for passenger cars and the company produces all kinds of tyres. Customers opt for Continental mainly due to the high quality of the tyres. This will always be further improved through targeted testing so that Continental tyres still perform well even in border areas. This is also the tyres of series ContiTwist Sport of Continental, which deliver excellent performance.

Contintal ContiTwist Sport: maximum grip

The Continental Conti Twist Sport are excellent sports tyres for fast bikes. For optimum grip the rubber compound, which is relatively soft and therefore at cornering a good grip guarantee provides. In terms of stability, the score motorcycle tyre series Continental Conti Twist Sport by a special design of the carcass. This precise handling at any time. Thanks to relatively fast warm-up times, the tyres of the series Continental Conti Twist Sport have no difficulty with a wet road. Also surprising is the price, which is more than acceptable for Continental tyres. Who in particular emphasis in the tyres on ride comfort and tyre requires that still function well even in border areas, which is the right place for the tyre series Continental Conti Twist Sport.

Optimum grip on dry and wet asphalt and precise handling make the Continental Conti Twist Sport tyres to ideal sports tyre. However, as much traction at the expense of mileage. For fuel saver Continental Conti Twist Sport are therefore not appropriate.

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