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Continental Contact tyres

Continental Contact tyres are constructed particularly for the purpose of city trekking. It is made suitable for riding at on-road as well as off-road conditions. These tyres are manufactured to get fit on bicycles. They are useful for riding at both urban as well as rural areas with long-lasting performance. Providing puncture protection improved the trad design, and safety systems are it's few benefits. Through its amazing features, it can make riding experience safe and amazing for riders.

Characteristics of Continental Contact tyres

The major traits of Continental tyres Contact include:

  • SafetySystem Breaker that is constructed of Kevlar reinforced sturdy nylon fabric. It gives high resistance to puncture and cut while being staying light in weight and flexible in performance. Because of this feature, these tyres greatly absorb any shock effects and adjust easily to the surface present below them. It does not only assist in enhancing the lifespan of tyres but also elevates comfort of these tyres.
  • In order to meet the requirements of hard city/trail riding, they are made wider as compared to road race tyres to provide more comfort and greater contact area. Additionally, wider areas offer greater grip while staying less exposed to punctures.
  • Flexible shoulder lugs that give greater grip in corners and on other surfaces.

Driving you further with Continental Contact tyres

Continental Contact bike tyres are available in different size dimensions. You can purchase them according to your requirement. Continental Contact price also varies with the tyres specifications. However, it offers quite amazing features in such affordable price range.

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