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Drive safe with the specialist Continental WinterContact TS 860 tyre

For Continental, a safe and enjoyable driving experience is a priority, and the latest Continental Wintercontact TS 860 makes an impact in this direction with some exciting upgrading. If you are applying brakes on wet slippery roads this tyre will give you a performance that reportedly is five-percent better than its excellent predecessor, the TS850.

The Continental Wintercontact TS 860 offers you a braking distance that reports show a reduction of four-percent shorter on an iced surface. Further improvements are seen in the grip on snow and in ride quality, with mileage attained and rolling resistance similar to the successful TS 850.

Advantages with the Continental WinterContact TS 860

The advantages gained with the Continental Wintercontact TS 860 are achieved with a combination of a new tread compound and a newly designed tread. It gives extreme flexibility and a distinct improvement in traction on all winter-conditioned road surfaces, with the provision of an additional grip factor. The Continental Wintercontact TS 860 also possesses new and special high-performance resins, designed to maintain flexibility in the compound even when driving at low winter temperatures.

A new directional V-shaped tread on the Continental Wintercontact TS 860 is SnowCurve technology that offers a specialised grooved wall structure, enhanced with a further groove in the wall of the tread blocks. This increases the compacting effect of the snow being compressed in the tread groove. It provides a greater surface grip and improved traction on snow-covered surfaces!

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