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Continental Competition tyres

Continental competition tyres are tubular tyres that are constructed by stitching them narrowly around the inner tube. These tyres are manufactured to get fit on bicycles. These tyres are considered as one of the most famous tyre for being a part of victories of the famous cyclist. Among the continental range, these continental competition tubular tyres are the first one to contain BlackChili Compound and Vectran Breaker. Through its latest techniques and skillful manufacturing, it offers great performance for the cyclist.

Stepping up with Continental Competition tyres

The major characteristics of these amazing continental competition road bike tyres include:

  • It possesses exclusive tread rubber mixture that is manufactured particularly in a German factory. The BlackChilli Compound of this tyre has increased the rolling resistance by almost 26% while offering 30% greater grip as compared to activated silica. This latest technique also ensures that your tyre offers you greater mileage while providing a smooth constant ride from the start until the end.
  • Its second amazing technique is Vectran that is synthetically made through the high-tech fiber. This spider-like structure that is made from melted liquid polymer possesses massive tear resistance while bearing quite lightweight. Vectran Breaker is lighter in weight, flexible by properties, and offers greater protection from cuts and sharp objects.

Continental Competition tyres keeps the customer in mind

These tyres are available in the size dimensions of 19, 22, and 25 widths, and diameter of 26 and 28 inches. The price range varies for different chosen specifications. However, the price range also differs slightly with the time.

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