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Continental PremiumContact 6 Tyres

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Continental PremiumContact 6 tyres

Continental Premiumcontact 6 tyres are summer tyres that are constructed particularly for the temperature ranges of above 7 degrees. On temperature below than this temperature range, they start losing their grip. It is manufactured to get fit on passenger cars. These tyres offer greater comfort through its improved German technology. Different manufacturing compounds offer enhanced mileage, improved wet braking, comfortable driving experience, and optimised pattern design. These tyres are made available to customers after passing through quality tests for its performance.

Traits of Continental PremiumContact 6 tyres

The major characteristics of continental premium contact 6 tyres include:

  • Crystal Silica Composition gives enhanced braking performance, especially during wet road conditions. It not only ensures the safety of the driver at its first priority but also gives improved mileage.
  • The wear-optimised polymer blend of these tyres offers significant improvement in its mileage performance that is greater than at least 15%. Furthermore, it gives greatly smooth and comfortable ride through its smooth pattern stiffness. It also decreases the noise produced by the tyres.
  • The advanced macro-block design gives amazing control and cornering stability to the continental tyres premiumcontact 6. Additionally, its asymmetric rib geometry gives improved gripping.

Small and light Continental PremiumContact 6 tyres

It comes with the noise emission of 72db. These tyres come with the wide variety of size dimensions, speed, and load indexes. Continental premiumcontact 6 price range also varies with the varying specifications. Furthermore, the price range also varies slightly with the time. These tyres offer greater value for customers’ money. Through its amazing features and advanced technology, it gives all that is required for having a stable comfortable ride.

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