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Continental LB

Owners of scooters 50s generation reached by Continental LB increased safety and improved driving dynamics. This classic shaped tyres visually differs only slightly from its predecessors. However, its technical characteristics comply with the latest scooter tyres from Continental. Thanks to the new tread pattern is a safe and relaxed journey guaranteed on urban and rural roads.

Classic design, modern technology

Continental Roller tyres provide increased safety and more driving fun with the scooter. Even the older generation Roller received with Continental tyres improved driving dynamics. The Continental LB while remaining even the appearance of the scooter in an authentic state. This tyre has a unique classic design, which distinguishes him from all other tyres. Technically, the Continental LB is equipped like all scooter tyres of the known German brand with the most advanced technologies for enhanced safety and driving comfort. It is ideal for classic scooter models of Vespa.

Increased security in city traffic

By LB Continental has enabled a safe and comfortable ride on the scooter 50 years ago. Then as now, put all the main manufacturers during the initial assembly of their scooter on these high-quality tyres. The tread of the Continental LB is a combination of block and sipe profile so that good driving characteristics are guaranteed on dry and wet roads. Thanks to an updated tread compound current technologies with the Continental LB can be used. By using an innovative rubber compound braking performance of the scooter is significantly increased. Drivers can also expect more grip and traction. Alternatively, owners of scooters 50s generation have the opportunity Pirelli scooter tyres to use.

The Continental LB is a classically designed tyres for active use of the scooter. It contributes to better driving dynamics and increases safety on Dry and wet. The Continental LB authentic design of the scooter is retained and driving properties are significantly improved. Continental also produces car tyres that contribute to a better aesthetics and driving dynamics of the vehicle.

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