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Continental K62

Manufactured for trucks, buses, motorcycles, cycles, Continental K62 are efficient tyres to perform well in bad weathers even with heavy load carried on the vehicles.

As specialty tyres, Continental K62 are all-weather tyres to deliver excellent performance. Their deep tread design and latest tread compound leads to their longer life. They are smooth runners in the wet conditions because of in time and perfect aquaplaning management in rain.

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Continental K 62: tyres for touring bikes

Quality tyres need not necessarily come from America, Japan or Scotland, even in Germany, there is a tyre manufacturer, who is known for absolute premium tyres. There is talk of Continental and its motorcycle tyres of series K 62 offer optimum driving comfort and high mileage.

Continental K 62 - pure driving pleasure on a motorcycle

On big tour with Continental: With the Continental K 62 summer tyres for the motorcycle driving pleasure is guaranteed pure. The Touring tyres guarantee optimum driving characteristics with good and bad weather, thanks to the special block profile of the tyre. A special vane technology ensures that the K can inspire 62 tyres on wet roads with excellent grip. By transverse and longitudinal grooves of the Continental tyres K 62 water can be effectively dissipated and the risk of aquaplaning is minimized. In addition, Continental summer tyres have a reinforced carcass construction which enables a high load.

Continental: Perfect tyres from Hamburg

Continental was founded in Hanover in 1871. To this day, the headquarters of Continental is in the Hanseatic city: from there important decisions are made ​​for the future of the company and its more than 160,000 employees. Continental tyres are the most popular tyre in Germany and also in the world market makes the Continental AG at the top with. Continental was and is with its tyres series always at the cutting edge and excited also with innovative technologies. The various car and motorcycle tyres from Continental provide optimal performance and long life.

The summer tyres Continental Series K convince 62 both in sun and in shower with good traction, great handling and excellent driving comfort. In addition, the load capacity of the tyre is higher than average. Thanks to high-mileage tyre offers the series of Continental its buyers even after years the same quality as in the beginning.

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