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With the multiple test winner Continental ContiPremiumContact safe on the road

The already long-established tyre manufacturer Continental also brings in 2012 a compelling product in the series Continental ContiPremiumContact on the market. Confirm the reviews that the customers a highly recommended summer tyres will be reoffered. The following are the features of this tyre are considered in more detail.

What makes the Continental ContiPremiumContact so recommended

The tyres of the Continental ContiPremiumContact series are suitable for vehicles of the middle and upper class. They are designed so that they are widely during the journey and when braking. This has the consequence that the car has a higher stability in the corners and shorten the braking distance. From tyre model to tyre model and the technologies used have been continuously developed to allow greater protection in wet conditions and a shorter braking distance. So the Continental ContiPremiumContact TM 2 has, for example, novel 3D grooves, which optimize braking performance on wet and dry roads. They also offer the accelerated drainage good protection against aquaplaning. Usable is this Continental summer tyres for rim sizes from 14-18 inches and a tyre width of 175-235 mm. The successor of this model is the Continental ContiPremiumContact TM 5 which is on the market only since last year. This all-round premium tyres for compact, middle and upper class has improved technologies an even shorter braking distances, lower rolling resistance and a safer handling than its predecessor on. Can be used it is for a rim size of 14-17 inches, and a tyre width of 175-225 mm.

The test results of the Continental ContiPremiumContact confirm the good technology

Unlike many other summer tyres Continental ContiPremiumContact cuts for years always good to very good in various tests and forces the other tyres on the rear seats. So could the last year published Pneu win the first summer tyre test even before its launch. More reviews as the winner followed. This is also when the predecessor of the case, who has won a number of comparisons for themselves.

In summary it can be said that the Continental ContiPremiumContact ensures a safe ride in dry and wet roads. Its mature technology and the associated driving comfort and safety were rewarded in several tests.

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