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Continental VancoWinterContact - the powerful winter tyre for family vans and small commercial vehicles

With the Continental VancoWinterContact obtained a powerful and reliable winter tyres , which can be seen with its many good running properties and high performance truly.

Excellent braking performance and high resistance to aquaplaning

The Continental VancoWinterContact proves a thoroughly convincing winter tyres, which also adverse weather and road conditions or heavy loads do not mind. Responsible for this is especially elaborate design and the deep tread this model from Continental , so that you can benefit from a well-balanced handling and a high smoothness. In addition, the Continental VancoWinterContact scores with its excellent braking performance even on snowy or slippery road surface, so that one is always safe on the road. The widening of the tread grooves Continental VancoWinterContact can also ensure rapid and efficient water dispersion and thus a high resistance to aquaplaning. This is supported by the flat tyre contour, which simultaneously ensures optimal adhesion and superior handling.

Continental - quality tyres made in Germany

Anyone looking for a powerful unreliable tyre which delivered a high performance even in difficult situations, who is with the Continental tyres well advised in every respect. This show even in adverse weather and road conditions optimum driving performance, so you have to compromise in terms of comfort and safety at all times. Given the broad range of different models is also ensured that one can find a suitable tyre for his vehicle that personal desires and needs are met exactly.

The Continental VancoWinterContact also provides in heavy snow or on a slippery surface from a high mileage. Responsible for this is the sophisticated tread pattern of this model from Continental, so that you can benefit from a superior handling and optimum adhesion in addition to a fast and efficient drainage.

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