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The Italian company Pirelli is one of the leading and most progressing name in the production of car, SUV, commercial vehicles and van tyres; having 19 manufacturing sites around the world and a network of around 10,000 distributors and retailers. Pirelli offers a vast range of quick fixes and propositions in order to get the best form of performance and comfort on every kind of terrain and in every sort of climatic condition. Due to its long experience, the company is able to reach the maximal performance in every single product that it offers, providing state-of-the-art car tyres to drive your vehicle out of harm and in an environmentally favorable manner. The long exposure to the tyre's field, the unrelenting commitment by the company during research analysis along with the wide sales network enable it to reach the top in every single product.

Why is the Carrier Winter a break-through?

The Carrier series by Pirelli has been offering tyres that have an all new tread design along with silica compound with smooth driving in summers. The new Carrier Winter series has been designed for smooth functioning and on-road grip in colder climates and provide assurance even in the most adverse winter weather.

Design & Technology

The Carrier Winter series features a new sleek tread design with 3 wide longitudinal grooves with a wide circumference, that aid in safer braking during wet conditions and scatters water for even better defense against aquaplaning. The tread block design with its open shoulders gives shorter wet braking distances than the Chrono Winter tyres previously introduced. It also gives heightened mileage, better load capacity and more regular wear. The enhanced profile and tread design gives an elevated safety in winters since it is made perfect for winter performance giving excellent results for braking on snow surfaces as well as improved acceleration on ice. It has been designed for a longer tyre life than it forerunner, that provides lower rolling friction and a better resistance to wear.

Scoring an overall 3rd rank on Pirelli's website, the Carrier Winter gives a good wet performance, steering reaction and absolute dominance in terms of assurance of winter tyres in comparison with summer ones on snowy surfaces.

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