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The Dunlop Sport Bluresponse - Blue Response to Green Technology

There is nothing wrong with protecting the environment - especially not if they do these things in such a comfortable way as the Dunlop Sport Bluresponse. This then is also easy on the wallet.

The blue response to a green world

Our world is getting greener - efficiency and new technologies ensure. The Dunlop Sport Bluresponse is one of them. As summer tyres it is designed primarily to high fuel efficiency. More efficiency means doing lower fuel consumption and lower environmental impact. And the own wallet protects the course. Overall, the Dunlop Sport Bluresponse already achieved the fuel efficiency class B - which also applies to a car tyre is a quite remarkable achievement. Compromises in terms of comfort and security that does not mean the Dunlop Sport Bluresponse however: rather still the contrary. With a noise level of just 67 dB, it is also significantly quieter than most ordinary summer tyres, which is the better ride. In the wet grip of the Dunlop Sport Bluresponse Class A, handling and braking manages both dry and in the wet achieve top marks. That makes him a superior tyre which also saves a lot of money.

Innovation as a quality seal for Dunlop

The Dunlop brand produced by Goodyear for several decades, together with the Japanese Sumitomo Industries - to the quality guidelines of the original, on the market since 125 years the company has however retained. Innovation has always been an important part of the quality policy of Dunlop and it has not changed until today. The new BluResponse technology is only further proof.

The Dunlop Sport Bluresponse is a summer tyre which provides top marks in all areas - and also considerably saves money through innovative technologies to reduce fuel consumption.

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