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Complete support with the all new Kumho ECSTA HS51 tyres

Since 1960 Kumho has produced 60 million tyres every year and with this established experience they now offer their all new Kumho ecsta HS51 tyres. It’s a company known for supporting their products, such as with R&D centres in Europe, North America, and Asia, with tyre development associated with Formula-one racing!

With this background, it should be no surprise that the ecsta hs51 Kumho tyre offers users improved traction in adverse weather conditions, particularly during cornering. Further improvements are experienced with decreased noise reduction that enables a quieter ride, with fuel efficiency.

Inside the Kumho Ecsta HS51 tyres

Especially in the UK, weather conditions can be unpredictable, to say the least! This makes the advantages provided by the inherent ability of Kumho ecsta hs51 tyres significant safety features, and essential to safe driving. This is supported by a high-performance rating given by the prestigious German consumer magazine, ACE Lenkrad. The ecsta HS51 Kumho tyres were awarded a ‘Recommended’ rating.

It was achieved with the highest scoring marks amongst the different 12-tyres subjected to the testing. The kumho ecsta hs51 tyres impacted on the test during the aquaplaning and wet conditions braking challenges, which demonstrated their reliable performance capabilities!

Taking the Kumho ecsta hs51 safe route

If the question still arises for you as to why you should invest your driving experience and safety in ecsta hs51 Kumho tyres, a foremost consideration is that they offer you a firm ribbed design for improved wet road braking! This is supported by four grooves that are prominent and circumferential designed for maximum water displacement. In addition, wide-lateral grooving enhances the safety factor with wet weather steering effectiveness.

The Kumho ecsta hs51 tyres not only offer excellent performance and wear value, they also look great!

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