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Pirelli Diablo, a motorcycle tyre for racing enthusiasts

A motorcycle tyre for real motorsport fans is the Pirelli Diablo. The sleek Pneu is suitable for use on the road as well as for track use. For the Pirelli Diablo is located in the hyper sport segment is accordingly distinguished by good safety performance even at high speed and a high driving stability.

Safety even at top speed

Pirelli is one the most well-known to tyre manufacturers who also manufacture tyres for racing. Pirelli Diablo but would like to address not only professional racers, but also motorcyclists who like to travel with their machine in everyday life. Therefore it is equally suitable for all requirements. Admitted he is in the speed class W for a top speed of 270 km/h. To ensure highest security remains on the track at such high speeds, has the Pirelli Diablo via a special profile structure, which gives it a good grip on all road surfaces.

Balanced wet handling

The motorcycle tyre is characterized by a profile with dynamic blades. For more resistance three-zone treads are used, which give the tyre a long life. In tests, the Pirelli Diablo may prove not only on dry surfaces. Especially in the wet it shows itself by a very safe, even when the high-speed range is used. The fast reactions of Pirelli motorcycle tyres give the driver an excellent control of his machine.

Similarly for the race track as suitable for everyday wear, saith the Pirelli Diablo to a wide audience. The quality motorcycle tyres from the Hyper Sport range convinces by its safe handling on wet roads and its responsiveness.

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