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Pirelli SL26

Successful and smooth runner of streets, Pirelli SL26 are scooter tyres designed to face the weather of all types. They offer a higher mileage and comfortable drive with their excellent traction and wet handling utilizing their tread with large grooves.
With Pirelli SL26 scooter tyres, you will have maximum control of driving in all seasons and will enjoy safe and reliable drive for long time. Have a good ride.

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Pirelli SL 26

Today's scooters are powerful and often sporty vehicles which must be equipped for optimum safety with quality tyres. The Pirelli SL 26 enables outstanding performance with the scooter on dry and wet roads. Thanks to its solid construction and an innovative tread safety and driving comfort are significantly increased.

A tyre for maximum efficiency on city streets

Athleticism is not only security of the main features. Pirelli tyres Car tyres from Pirelli are coveted by sports car drivers. The same applies to the high-quality motorcycle and scooter tyres the famous Italian brand. Pirelli uses developed for motorsport technologies in the production of each tyre. This principle is the manufacturer, after also in the development of Pirelli SL 26th The tyre ideally suited for urban road traffic with the scooter. Nevertheless, the Pirelli SL 26 has many features that are characteristic of sporting motorcycle tyres of the same brand. It optimizes safety and ride comfort on dry and wet roads. Given the Pirelli SL 26 is available at a reasonable price with

For increased security, the scooter

The Pirelli SL 26 is optimized for a variety of applications of the scooter in city traffic. Its rigid structure allows maximum control in all weather conditions. It provides safety and comfort for the latest Scooter generations in any condition in urban traffic. The tread of Pirelli SL 26 has very wide tread grooves, which allows for increased performance in the wet. At the same time this property for a comfortable ride and high mileage makes. The tyre is efficient during all seasons and in all weather conditions. Available is the Pirelli SL 26 in all standard sizes for rims 10-13 inches.

Thanks to innovative technologies, the Pirelli SL 26 behaves safely and reliably in urban traffic. His profile design allows excellent grip on dry and wet roads. At the same time it increases the braking performance and driving comfort. Besides high-quality tyres for cars, motorbikes and scooters, Pirelli also produces sporting SUV tyres , which are also available at

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