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Pirelli MT 75 - Solider bias tyres for touring purposes

With conventional structure and a favorable price / performance ratio, the Pirelli MT turns 75 the Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli place primarily at quality-conscious touring bikers who on good grip and excellent workmanship value. His great mileage and long life make him a recommendation for sporty drivers who want to enjoy the comfort and durability of a conventional tyre model.

Improved cross-ply for high driving stability

The Diagonal geometry of the carcass makes the Pirelli MT 75 for a strikingly good directional stability, which pays particular light machine and curvier route. As an all tyres Pneu on any surface at home and only needs to be treated because of the economical profiling with caution in a strong bank. For liability and hold it stings direct competitors like the consumer models of Bridgestone made ​​with ease and confident even with a sporty driving style with significantly better performance. In the wet, it holds sufficient grip and performs waterlogging under the tyre by the side conductive profile channels effectively off - a greater sense of security for the rider and passenger is the result.

Pirelli MT 75 - a tyre for all cases

With its reinforced tyre compound provides the Pirelli MT 75 in every driving situation enough grip safely to without prejudice to pass through curves or severe weather. In terms of mileage of MT exceeds 75 other motorcycle tyre significantly and impresses simultaneously with attractive design and affordable price. It is available as a front tyre in sizes 16 "and 17", as a rear tyre in the versions 16 ", 17" and 18 ".

Pirelli MT 75 is a practical touring tyre for sports use, which combines the benefits of proven Pirelli technologies at an affordable price in itself. With its good grip and outstanding characteristics in the wet, it forms a good base tyres for all middle and smaller machines.

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