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Pirelli Scorpion winter - the performance of winter tyres for SUVs

The Pirelli Scorpion winter proves to be a powerful winter tyres , designed specifically for ultra-modern SUVs and CUVs from the high-end segment. At any time this provides compelling tyre high stability and complete control and makes a significant contribution to the safety of the drivers.

Excellent braking performance and optimum handling

Even longer stretches of highway or very hard terrain conditions make for the Pirelli Scorpion Winter is not a problem. Thanks to the superior tyre structure proves this model made ​​by Pirelli as a reliable and powerful companion on the road safely and stably even in snow and frost, and at high speeds is. So convinced of the Pirelli Scorpion winter with its outstanding braking performance and optimum handling, which have been rewarded several journals also during tests. At the same time scores ours by Pirelli with its low rolling resistance and low rolling noise, so you can benefit in addition to high fuel efficiency and low fuel consumption of a high level of comfort during each drive.

Pirelli - the tyre expert from Milan

Founded in 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli, the tyre manufacturer from Milan has long since become one of the most important companies in the international market. This is thanks to this optimum quality and high mileage of all Pirelli tyres , which are produced by most modern manufacturing processes. At the same time they score again with its innovative technologies, so that the most demanding motorists can be satisfied.

The Pirelli Scorpion Winter makes the name of the house proud. Even adverse weather and road conditions provides this Pneu for winter an excellent performance from proving to snow and frost a sure grip and excellent traction. This has been repeatedly confirmed in tests important journals in which this model could emerge as the winner.

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