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Pirelli Scorpion Rally - Robust enduro tyre with innovative Blocklayout

The Pirelli Scorpion Rally the Italian brand manufacturer Pirelli is one of the few rough Tolle tyres, which are also suitable for heavier off-road equipment. The tyre is designed for heavy use in the Dakar Rally and offers excellent resistance to abrasion, wear and cracking. The patented carcass provides improved acceleration characteristics on any surface and makes the Scorpion Rally for reference model for demanding tourers who have to rely completely on the ground on technology and materials.

Improved block design for higher traction and directional stability

The revised block layout of the Pirelli Scorpion Rally enables directional stability trip on the front tyre and an increased acceleration effect on the rear tyre. The eight millimeters high cleats dig deep into the ground material and strengthen during extreme maneuvers traction. With the Scorpion Rally back lap times within reach that were otherwise reserved only professionally equipped Enduro machines. The torque of the motor is transferred entyrely to the ground and gives a strong suit. The optimized carcass of Pirelli Scorpion Rally as reliably fulfilled his duty at low temperatures - up to -10 ° C operating temperature it is also recommended as winter tyres .

Pirelli Scorpion Rally - a perfect tyre for racing use

The highly resistant rubber compound of Pirelli Scorpion Rally has been cut by Pirelli perfectly to the needs of Rally Raid participants. The mixture provides comprehensive protection against abrasion and wear and terrain guarantees both high smoothness on the road and unrestricted performance on off-road routes. For road use the tempo of the restriction is likely to motorcycle tyres at 170 km/h interesting that holds enough reserves for longer trips or cross-country trips.

The Pirelli Scorpion Rally is an excellent choice for Enduro enthusiasts who expect high-level performance in the field and passable drive compatibility on the road. With his hands-profile design of the Scorpion Rally makes every off-road tour to experience.

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