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Pirelli Diablo Rain - a motorcycle tyre for professionals and sports riders

A tyre of the Superbike World Championship, which is suitable for both professional and recreational riders. Pirelli Diablo Rain is only suitable for use on racetracks, which is represented by the identification NHS, and convinces with its outstanding characteristics in the rain and on wet roads. The different versions of the motorcycle tyre for summer leave no racers in the rain.

Solid performance on wet roads

Designed for rain Pirelli Diablo Rain offers the professional and even the sports rider a high performance and full control of the motorcycle. Pirelli Diablo Rain features outstanding acceleration and good stability, especially at high speed. The tyres used also in the Superbike World Championship, assuring optimum grip on wet track and offers its driver outstanding runnability. A really solid Pirelli tyres with the best handling for professional racers and sport riders.

Characteristics of Pirelli Diablo Rain

Pirelli Diablo Rain moves at the interface between sport and professional racer in the motorcycle industry. Through its multi-radius profile he gives his rider maximum support at any angle. A tyre compound with high silica content, it offers good chemical grip and thereby an excellent acceleration on wet roads. The high safety and optimum power transfer to the race track is reached during Pirelli Diablo Rain through the 0 ° steel belt front and rear. This provides a constant spacing surface at every racing condition. By tread pattern with blocks and strips results in a high water displacement, which gives the driver an excellent sense of control.

Pirelli Diablo Rain is in any case a high quality motorcycle tyre , experiencing in the area of Amateuer racing, but also by professional racers high recognition and appreciation. The optimum running characteristics give in the rain even novice racing drivers the feeling of high security and excellent control of their vehicle. It is available in sizes 16.5 "and 17" respectively for front and rear tyres in different versions.

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