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Pirelli Diablo WET - a race tyre the superclass

Pirelli Diablo WET has been designed exclusively for use on race tracks. This motorcycle tyres is marked NHS (not for highway service), which makes it ideal for pure racetrack. For normal road so the Pirelli Diablo WET is not allowed.

Pirelli Diablo WET - perfect conditions when wet

In changing conditions in the race is only an Intermediate in question. The summer tyres will be used when the track still damp or is in drying off state. The manufacturer Pirelli has improved considerably here the good characteristics in the wet. Due to the excellent water drainage, the pilot has a safe driving experience even in adverse road conditions. This shows once again the efficiency and above all the high quality of Pirelli tyres . These specialized for race trim tyres displace able much water per second. This offers racers maximum safety at high speeds. The company Pirelli has a strong presence in motorsports and is currently the sole tyre supplier in Formula 1. Of course, this brings a lot of experience with in the production of tyres, which is of course also in the construction of motorcycle tyres is of great advantage.

With high-silica compound

Pirelli Diablo WET has been produced in a radial construction, a patented technology of Pirelli is used here. Here, the front and rear wheel tyres with a single steel belt layer of a radial carcass and are produced. The steel belt with an angle of nearly zero degrees is wound in the rotational direction of the tyre around the carcass. The use of steel in Pirelli Diablo WET is undisputed, he still has an extremely high rigidity. Nevertheless, the stiffness distribution between shoulder and tread portion is differentiated.

Pirelli Diablo WET alike offering the experienced pilots and beginners excellent stability in turns and excellent grip in wet conditions.

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