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Pirelli Scorpion Trail

The many tests with Good (1.8) cut-off tyres series Pirelli Scorpion Trail ensure good road holding and easy handling the enduro and extreme cornering safety for those who like it fast.

With Pirelli Scorpion Trail curve certainly no solid ground under the wheels

The performance with a load capacity of up to 335 kg tyres Pirelli series Scorpion Trail are particularly suitable for longer trips and excursions. On the road the Pirelli Scorpion Trail tyres a sporty and elegant. They ensure an absolutely safe cornering and good handling of the Enduro on any asphalt and unpaved ground. The Pirelli Scorpion Trail tyres guarantee an excellent ratio between performance and mileage. In recent tests the tyres, even long-distance tests in Sicily, were due to the diverse landscape conditions, carried out shows that particularly the high steering precision and cornering stability for everyday use and the holidays without offroad and the optimum siting when braking in an inclined position to Pirelli Scorpion Trail make absolutely reliable and secure. In addition, one set of tyres several thousand kilometers are driven, because the wear is relatively low.

Pirelli Scorpion Trail - tyres with brand quality

Run for over a century successfully functioning company Pirelli Germany GmbH is the subsidiary of the international Pirelli Group, which is headquartered in Milan (Italy). The worldwide success and the continued since 1872. Group's history show that Pirelli in the car and motorcycle tyre is an excellent all-rounder.

Who likes to go long distances and fast and curvy with his Enduro, is right with the tyres of the series Pirelli Scorpion Trail. Because they have good grip for good roadholding and the necessary cornering safety.

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