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Pirelli Angel City Tyre

Pirelli Angel City tyre is designed for motorbike enthusiasts. It prefers 200cc plus sports bikes or bikes for cruising or going to jobs, so they move safely and with ease. A motorbike tyre needs to be more durable than a car tyre as it is two wheel-drives based. The tyre Pirelli Angel City will offer you sturdiness, safety, comfort in all climatic conditions (wet or dry), uniform wear, top class mileage, and swift braking. Pirelli made the Angel City with these three objectives in mind:

  • “High durability and resistance.”
  • “Safety under all conditions (e.g. wet and bumpy roads)”
  • “Characteristic Pirelli handling.”

Strengths of the Tyre Pirelli Angel City

They have an innovative profile consisting of a uniform patch area allowing minimal overall wear while extending the mileage. It has rubber coated layers and robust plies with cords running radically. It dampens the noise produced and acquired great stresses with ease. Such impact resistance ensures fewer punctures and increased longevity of tyre.

Smart Tread Pattern for Slip Resistance in Wet and Dry

Featuring black carbon-based compound with strategic silica deposits, the tyre Pirelli Angel City embed superior grip in both dry and wet conditions. With active water dispersing the even weight distribution, allow for smooth riding experience in the toughest of conditions, like wet, uneven roads.

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