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About the Mitas Brand

The Mitas Tyre Brand is a European Brand. Mitas produces tyres for motorcycles, mopeds, go karts, and scooters. They are one of Europe’s leading tyre brands for motorcycles. They have decades of experience in the motorcycle tyre industry. All Mitas tyres must undergo rigorous testing before passing to go onto the market. 

About Mitas Motorcycle Tyres

Mitas produces a wide range of Mitas Motorcycle tyres for on and off road use. Mitas Motorcycle tyres have received many endorsements from a number of motorcycle champions. Mitas tyres for motorcycles are designed to provide you with the ultimate motorcycling adventure. 

Mitas Moto Tyres for Off-road Riding

Mitas produces many Mitas Motorcycle tyres for off road riding. Their tyre line includes Pit cross tires, Enduro Tyres, Extreme Enduro Tyres, Rally Tyres, Motocross tyres, Motocross competition tyres and even Kids cross tyres. 

Mitas Cross Country Tyres

There are several models of Mitas Cross County Tyres available such as:

  • C-10
  • C-18
  • C-19
  • XT-754
  • XT-454
  • ST-946

These tyres are specifically designed for off road riding and each tyre model is recommended for certain riding terrains. 

Kids Cross Tyres

These Mitas Kids Cross Tyres are designed for kids cross motorcycles from 50 - 150 cc. The C-12 model is for use up to 50 cc. These tyres are designed with safety in mind. 

Consider Buying Mitas Motorcycle Tyres

When you are looking to buy Mitas Motorcycle Tyres, consider buying the Mitas Motorcycle Tyres online. This is a fast and convenient way to shop today. Our website will help you find the best possible Mitas Motorcycle Tyres prices.

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Whether you are a biker on-road or fond of adventurous rides off-road in far off areas, Mitas motorcycle tyre will accompany you the way you want. Their excellent performance on all types of road conditions is the feature that makes them distinct among other competitors in the market. Available in a wide range of sizes for bike models and designs, they are the first choice of bikers.


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