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The Mitas E 06 - off-road tyres for veterans mopeds and Kids Cross

The Mitas E 06 is a motorcycle tyre with a special application spectrum: it is suitable for many veteran mopeds and small motorcycles old for the land of his dimension forth the ideal motorcycle tyres for children Cross-machine.

Tough and resilient

His indestructible and robust features make the Mitas E 06 a good choice for older dirt bikes and mopeds. He survives rough treatment, and is also good with machines deal, which still have a very rough type of construction, the most tyres overly stressed, especially in off-road use. The Mitas E 06 is a real cross-tyres, and can also be used in children cross in the offered dimensions entyrely. Its very unproblematic handling is children who still have a rule about less driving experience, good stead. The Mitas E 06 can also be used behind both front and provides both places the same good performance, whether it comes to the traction or steering behavior in the field. Although he is roadworthy, and its performance on the road is even more than sufficient in the depths of his soul the Mitas E 06 is but a real cross tyres and made for off-road. Him as mere summer tyres to be used for rides on the street and occasional gravel roads would be grossly underestimating its real potential.

The Cross-specialist: Mitas

Hardly a tyre manufacturer is in the Cross-Sport as popular as Mitas . The Czech brand combines the expertise and technologies of well-known names such as Continental, Michelin and Trellenborg in one company - that's proof enough quality alone.

The Mitas E 06 is a rugged cross tyre designed to fit in the dimension offered especially to children-cross machines. but because of its robust characteristics, it is also ideally suited for off-road for use on veteran mopeds and small motorcycles old.

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