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Metzeler Tourance Next: The expert for the long haul

Since 1980, the tyre manufacturer Metzeler partner BMW. Even the Metzeler Tourance Next part of the initial supply of BMW touring machine. Developed the powerful motorcycle tyre is especially designed for use on the road. Robust treads keep long distances stood. High speed can cope with the Metzeler Tourance Next also.

The third generation of Tourance tyres

Metzeler Tourance Next is the third generation of the proven Tourance-Metzeler. Its strength lies mainly in long mileage. In order to improve this still puts the tyre manufacturer for the current motorcycle summer tyres on revised tread compounds with two different components. During the middle block is particularly flexible and thus ensures a high traction, harder compounds are used for the side panels. Metzeler Tourance Next gains in cornering stability, which pays off particularly at high speeds.

Improved driving stability and good wet handling

Through the modern profile of Metzeler Tourance Next gets more volume than the previous models. This also contributes to greater stability. In addition, the new design improves braking performance in dry and wet. For motorcycle tyres that are driven in the summer, it is nevertheless important to quickly come to a halt not only on dry surfaces. Metzeler Tourance Next can score well on wet roads with short braking distances - a real safety plus. The powerful enduro tyre moves safely and reliably on the road in all weather conditions.

Fans of the long haul, wishing to benefit from high performance, meeting with the Metzeler Tourance Next a good choice. Not only on BMW machinery makes the tyre a good figure, but proved generally by its great endurance and safe driving characteristics.

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Metzeler Tyre Facts

Metzeler is a German company which provides quantity and performance products. They began in 1892. One great fact about Metzeler is that many of their employees are motorcycle riders and they know what the real expectations and needs are that pertains to a quality motorcycle tyre. Along with quality Metzeler focuses on safety, durability and reliability. The German brand, Metzeler is at the forefront of technology as they are continuously developing innovative tread designs and use the most up to date advanced rubber compounds. 

Cross-Ply Construction

The carcass of the Metzeler tyres are constructed of overlapping layers of fabric bands which are coated in rubber. There are variations in the cross angling of the layers, the materials used, to meet different speed, characteristics and load specifications. 

Radial With Zero Degree Steel Belt

Reaching an angle close to zero, Metzeler places a single layer belt around the circumference of the carcass, in accordance with the rolling direction of the tyre. This creates an extremely high level of rigidity, which allows different levels of stiffness from the shoulder to the crown. 

Facts About Metzeler Tourance Next 

Metzeler Tourance Next tyres are the ultimate Enduro Street tyre. These tyres are constructed with a dual compound tread layout. Metzeler has met their two main goals in producing Metzeler tyres tourance next. These two goals are supreme performance on wet road conditions and optimum mileage. Metzeler has a patented mixing process which strongly contributes to tyre wear regularity and durability. 

Safety First

It is well known that driving on dry roads is safer than driving on wet roads. It is very important to have tyres that perform well during wet road conditions. Metzeler Tourance Next model tyres are specially designed with high performance synthetic polymers mixed with proper resins and plasifying agents as well as high dispersion silica. The central stripe on the rear tyres are constructed with a dual compound mixture of 50% silica and carbon black designed to optimize traction and mileage. The front tyres of the Tourance Next Metzeler model tyres are made of rayon fibers which produces a high stiffness structure. This type of structure provides stability when driving at high speeds. 

Shopping for the Best Metzeler Tourance Next Price

Tyre shopping is not everyone’s favorite thing to do. However when you are faced with the task, there are easy ways to approach it. You can research Metzeler Tourance Next Online. This is the best way to buy Metzeler Tourance Next tyres. Visiting a site like ours will enable you to find the best metzeler tourance next price. 

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