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Mitas E 07 - an Enduro tyres for the discerning

In the Enduro is actually a dirt bike, but which has a street legal. Since not enough just a summer tyre for road or off-road, but here the demands on the tyres are significantly higher. The Mitas E 07 meets these requirements perfectly equitable, as the following information.

The Mitas E 07: The right tyre for all-round and Reiseenduros

The Mitas E 07, formerly Barum ED9T, is a motorcycle tyre , which is suitable especially for bikes, both on the road and on easy terrain. The tyre is extremely durable due to the good mix of materials and shows good handling characteristics on both dry and wet conditions. Even on snow the Mitas E 07 is certified by the buyers and users good grip. The Mitas E 07 shows its reliability in steering and driving behavior, especially at high load, z. B. for longer trips through Europe including pillion rider and luggage.

The data for Mitas E 07

The Mitas tyres shows for off-road bikes a very rough profile, which is in accordance with the requirements of justice. The Mitas E 07 is available in different designs and sizes, is very reasonably priced considering its high quality and the resulting low wear. Driver stress the quietness, the good to very good load capacity and speed index. The 130/80 R18 72T instance is released to 190 km/h.

Motorcyclists praise the Mitas E 07 mainly due to its exceptionally high quality and mileage as well as its excellent driving and steering behavior. Due to the consistently good advice on the price-performance ratio of this tyre is absolutely appropriate.

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