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The Mitas C 21 - Motocross allrounder

The Mitas C 21 is a motorcycle tyre is a good all-rounder for any serious grounds. It comes in addition to the basic version and in versions Mitas C 21 s and Mitas C 21 sl.

The all-round showpiece manufacturer

The Mitas C 21 is an off road tyre with particularly good all-round properties. Its rugged cleat on the outside of the profile provide enormous traction on loose surfaces, at the mud and the mud, while the deeper, slightly shorter cleats bring especially good performance on harder surfaces in the center of the tread. The Mitas C 21 provides thus in any terrain enormous directional stability, but also good traction on virtually any surface. The highly resistant studs and specially designed, protected against tearing cleat base make Mitas C 21 tough - it is extremely resistant even in really rough terrain and at home against damage. Optimum braking performance on all surfaces round out the excellent performance characteristics of the motorcycle summer tyre from then. The versions Mitas C 21 s and Mitas C 21 sl are made by each different colored stripes that run on the outer edge of the profile over the whole tyre circumference, recognizable.

Long been a trusted name in the offroad segment

As successors of the famous brand Trelleborg which was bought in 2010 by Mitas, and as a licensed producer for Michelin and Continental has Mitas has long been a good name for itself especially in the motocross area. Especially the production of specialized rubber compounds that are precisely tailored to the individual needs of each tyre, is the most prominent feature of Mitas tyres. In addition to motorcycle tyres of the manufacturer also produces tyres for agricultural vehicles and machines, for commercial vehicles such as trucks and airplanes.

The Mitas C 21 is an excellent all-rounder for heavy terrain - rugged, durable, long lasting and with excellent performance on all surfaces.

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