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The Mitas E 05 - the all-rounder

The Mitas E 05 is a tyre which is already really close to it, in fact everything to perfect. He is a motorcycle tyre for the front wheel and with its optimized Trial profile for road, terrain and touring almost equally suitable.

All-rounder for every application

The Mitas E 05 is a front tyre, has the Mitas missed an optimized Trial profile. That, and the special rubber compound to ensure that the E 05 on nearly every surface provides the same excellent performance. And it is not only suitable as an all-round motorcycle summer tyres , but also comes with many driving conditions in the colder months, yet surprisingly good deal. Traction and directional stability are really excellent when Mitas E 05, beside it also provides up to speed for a lot of driving stability and comfort - especially for an off-road tyre. Its performance is, of course, settled by the modified Trial profile in the terrain at the upper end of the scale - especially in particularly adverse terrain passages shows the Mitas E 05 its true strength. In street application, he surprised the other hand, not only with its comfort, but also by its longevity.

Mitas - USA and the Czech Republic

Since 2012 has the Czech manufacturer, which focuses besides motocross and motorcycle tyres is especially in the field of agricultural and industrial special tyres, also has its own subsidiary in the USA. In addition to the license production for Michelin and Continental Mitas gathered primarily through the purchase of the famous brand Trellenborg much valuable expertise in the field of motorcycle tyres in the company.

The Mitas E 05 is considered to be off-front tyre an all-rounder who is actually worthy of the name - whether road trips and four insert: the performance of the Mitas E 05 is actually equally well everywhere, the Trial-profile off-road course special for performance and also makes difficult passages. And next to it is also enormously durable.

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