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Metzeler Tourance: motorcycle tyres for the grand tour

For driving pleasure on long trips the Metzeler Tourance has been developed. The motorcycle tyre is to convince with a particularly long service life and a constant ride comfort even after many kilometers driven. It is made ​​from the tyre producer Metzeler, an expert on bicycle tyres .

Durable tyre for long trips

The rear tyre of Metzeler Tourance characterized by a profile with honeycomb structure. The front tyre is a profile arrangement with numerous horizontally extending slats. Through this style of Metzeler Tourance is equipped for long-distance journeys in varying weather conditions. The profile is very focused on resilience. The carcasses are tuned to a long mileage. The tread compounds also ensure a high level of comfort, so that long-distance drive to a real pleasure. The long life makes the tyre also a very economical choice.

Good wet handling, balanced security

For the Metzeler Tourance the manufacturer is one of Metzeler a developed single-ply steel belt. This should give the tyres even higher stiffness, while reducing the tyre weight. Tests confirm the long term performance of Metzeler Tourance. He also convinced by its qualities on wet surfaces. The touring tyres help prevent hydroplaning effects and divert water reliably. Moreover, the tyres can be controlled precisely and quickly respond to steering movements. Even at high speeds motorcyclists do not need to fear for their safety. And you can be fast on the road with the tyres quite: Admitted they are for top speeds of up to 240 km/h.

Long life, good wet handling, high driving comfort: spoke some advantages for the Metzeler Tourance. In addition, the confident motorbike tyre by its balanced price / performance ratio.

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