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Metzeler Tourance: motorcycle tyres for the grand tour

For driving pleasure on long trips the Metzeler Tourance has been developed. The motorcycle tyre is to convince with a particularly long service life and a constant ride comfort even after many kilometers driven. It is made ​​from the tyre producer Metzeler, an expert on bicycle tyres .

Durable tyre for long trips

The rear tyre of Metzeler Tourance characterized by a profile with honeycomb structure. The front tyre is a profile arrangement with numerous horizontally extending slats. Through this style of Metzeler Tourance is equipped for long-distance journeys in varying weather conditions. The profile is very focused on resilience. The carcasses are tuned to a long mileage. The tread compounds also ensure a high level of comfort, so that long-distance drive to a real pleasure. The long life makes the tyre also a very economical choice.

Good wet handling, balanced security

For the Metzeler Tourance the manufacturer is one of Metzeler a developed single-ply steel belt. This should give the tyres even higher stiffness, while reducing the tyre weight. Tests confirm the long term performance of Metzeler Tourance. He also convinced by its qualities on wet surfaces. The touring tyres help prevent hydroplaning effects and divert water reliably. Moreover, the tyres can be controlled precisely and quickly respond to steering movements. Even at high speeds motorcyclists do not need to fear for their safety. And you can be fast on the road with the tyres quite: Admitted they are for top speeds of up to 240 km/h.

Long life, good wet handling, high driving comfort: spoke some advantages for the Metzeler Tourance. In addition, the confident motorbike tyre by its balanced price / performance ratio.

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About Metzeler

In 1863, Metzeler, a German motorcycle tyre company was founded. Originally they produced a variety of plastic and rubber products and expanded into the aviation (1890), motorcycle and automotive (1892) tyre industry. During World War II the factory was destroyed. It was later rebuilt after the war. Berliner Motor Corporation was the American distributor in the 50’s and 60’s. In 1986, Pirelli acquired Metzeler. Metzeler is a subsidiary company of Pirelli. 

About Metzeler Tourance Tyres

Metzeler Tourance tyres are motorcycle tyres. These knobby tyres are the perfect fit for all the different generations of Dual purpose and enduro street motorcycles. They have a strong off road appearance. These tyres were designed to meet the needs of big modern enduro street motorcycles. 

Metzeler Tourance Model Tyre Benefits

These quality tyres were designed to meet the many needs of road and off road enduro street and Dual purpose motorcycles. Constructed with a thick groove depth and a well balanced compound of silica and carbon black these tyres have a guaranteed high level of durability and a high level of mileage. They provide excellent road grip during wet and dry road conditions. Metzeler has reached the state of the art compounding with the right mixture of carbon black, silica and up to date reinforcement agents and resins.

Tourance lightweight rear radial tyres have a zero degree belted structure which provides optimum stability even when driving at high speeds. These tyres are constructed with MAW patented technology with differentiated spaced steel cords and are wider in the crown area for self damping and high elasticity which improves stiffness when cornering. These tyres also possess MBS technology on their all radial front tires featuring a diagonal belt. This enhances high speed stability and enhanced cornering. Metzeler tyres Tourance offer optimum performance on streets as well as off road.

These tyres provide economical fuel consumption. You can enjoy a comfortable ride on a long journey and save fuel money at the same time. The Metzeler Tourance model tyres tread pattern design meets the needs of dual purpose and Enduro street motorcycles. The Tourance Metzeler model tread pattern design includes strong tread blocks in the crown area. When full torque from the engine is transmitted, it hits the road and provides maximum traction while reducing rolling noise. Aquaplaning is reduced due to the shape of the grooves between the blocks in the tread pattern. They are designed with variable widths. 

Variations in the Metzeler Tourance Price

The Metzeler Tourance tyres are available in different sizes. Depending on where you buy metzeler tourance tyres the Metzeler Tourance price can vary. The best way to discover the best prices for these tyres is to research them online. You can visit many websites like ours to obtain information about Metzeler Tourance online and comparison shop to find the best prices. When you visit our website, we do your comparison shopping for you. An added benefit of using our website is we can connect you to the links that offer these great deals. The best part is you can have them delivered directly to the place of your choice for installation. 

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