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Dunlop Trailmax - result of 125 years of innovation

Dunlop is often and repeatedly counted for so-called high-class tyre manufacturer. No wonder, because it was none other than the founder John Boyd Dunlop, who in 1888 invented the pneumatic tyre. But not only has therefore Dunlop an experience and history of innovation boast that it has in itself and for many years fans and critics believe enthusiastically in the world and.

Dunlop Trailmax & Co .: More than average tyres

Dunlop began more than 125 years ago as a tyre manufacturer and celebrated fast worldwide considerable success. With the invention of the pneumatic tyre, it was practically Dunlop as a manufacturer, which heralded a completely new era of the tyre. However, they wanted to it at Dunlop not left on an innovation or product line. Therefore we expanded the offer not only on sporting goods and car accessories, but began tyres of different types and provide for a variety of vehicle types - for cars, motorcycles and sports cars.

The Dunlop Trailmax - maximum quality, performance and selection

The range of Dunlop titled today often as huge and almost unüberblickbar. That may be true, because every year expands Dunlop Classic series with new models, new material compositions and new standards. But In addition, again and again new series in the fields of summer tyres , winter tyres and special tyres. But the range of Dunlop Trailmax currently includes more than hundred different types. The Dunlop Trailmax is a trail-bike tyres, which is available in different types of materials, designs, sizes and in different classes of profiles.

The wide variety and selection is the Dunlop Trailmax but that makes him priced therefore come just as varied. This Dunlop also offers with its Dunlop Trailmax not only a tyre for really any motorcycle, but also a motorcycle tyre for every price range, which could bring a customer. And for such a high-quality tyres as the Dunlop Trailmax, this is often a bargain.

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