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Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres

Bridgestone is on top of modern technology when it comes to tyres, especially motorcycle tyres. For example Bridgestone’s Battlax technology. The Battlax technology has incorporated a new belt, the GP-Belt, which is in addition to the conventional MS belt. The new GP-Belt equalizes the pressure to the surface of the ground. When the contact surface on the ground is enlarged it provides better gripping performance especially during cornering. Constructed with a 3 layer compound technology these tyres offer excellent cornering gripping and linear handling. Some of the Bridgestone Motorcycle tyres are constructed using a 5 layer compound technology which optimizes high grip performance for racing tyres. The center compound of these tyres provides a smooth ride from straight runs to lean angles and specializes in wear resistance. The edge compound improves steep banking by providing improved rotational stability.

Cornering power and grip performance while riding in a forward direction is improved by the shoulder compound. This shoulder compound has the highest tensile rigidity in the circumferential direction. Bridgestones Ultimat Eye technology. The Ultimat Eye technology reproduces high speed riding conditions of an actual vehicle in the laboratory.

This enables a visual on the tyre contact surface behaviour. The Ultimat Eye technology allows high precision analysis and performance verification through scientific means. The Ultimat Eye technology has the ability to measure riding speeds up to 400 kilometres and hour and lean angles up to 60 degrees. Bridgestone’s combination of a 3 layer compound and Cap and Base construction divides the shoulder compound into both upper and lower sections of the tyre. This provides quality performance and better mileage. Bridgestone tyres for Motorcycle are quality tyres. 

Bridgestone Moto Tyres

Bridgestone carries a variety of Bridgestone Moto tyres. Some of their models are as follows:

  • Racing Tyres - Racing Battlax Vos Racing, Battlax W01 and Battlax Racing R11
  • Sports Tyres - Battlax Racing Street RS10, Battlax Hypersport S22, Battlax Hypersport S21
  • Off-Road Tyres - Battlecross E50, Battlecross X10,X20,X30 and X40.
  • Touring Tyres - Battlax Sport Touring T31, BATTLAX Sport Touring T30 EVO, Battlax BT-023 Sport Touring
  • American Cruiser Tyres - Battlecruise H50, Exedra Max (Bias)
  • Adventure Tyres - BattLax Adventure A41, Battlax Adventurecross AX41


The Battlax Hypersport S22 provides high levels of agile handling and grip due to its new front and rear pattern designs combined with newly developed compounds. These tyres provide excellent handling, grip and control even when riding on wet road conditions. These exceptional tyres provide a long tyre life. Wet road performance is improved by the land-sea ratio of the new pattern design, the rigidity of the pattern also improves the agility of the tyres. Through optimization of resin compounding the tyres now have a wider temperature range and improves dry grip. The new compound of the tyres rear center has increased the fine particle silica area on the tyre surface by 25%, providing excellent wet road grip. 

Comparing Bridgestone Tyre Prices

When it is time to replace your motorcycle tyres selecting to buy Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres is a very good choice. You may find Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres Prices reasonable when you choose to buy Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres online. Through our website we do your comparison shopping for you and we guarantee we will find you the best prices possible with direct links to these great deals. 

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Bridgestone is one of the leading brands for motorcycle tyres of superior quality for all types of bikes including adventure, sport, and touring. Bridgestone motorcycle tyres present a beautiful combination of advanced technology and conventional design to give you a smooth, stylish, and convenient drive wherever you go. Do not fear the tough terrains and bad weathers now. Every road is yours if your bike has super quality set of tyres installed on it. Our tyres, available in a large variety, are simply superb to make your rides enjoyable.

Bridgestone motorcycle tyres are made to match your needs. Every tyre we make is comprising of high grip performance in all road conditions including wet, dry, and muddy in all types of weathers and provides you the real bliss of excellent drive. Thus we accompany you on all roads no matter what the condition is and never leave you alone on the way. A wide range of our Battlax tyres from small to big motorcycles as well as from touring to racing bikes makes us one-stop shop for all types of bikers. So visiting us will save you from searching suitable and compatible tyres for your bike of any size, make, and type.

Perfectly designed for performing very high on all roads and tracks, Bridgestone motorcycle tyres are ideal to run on the tracks without any hassle and botheration of failure or bad performance. On-track performance of our super tyres is reliable enough to make you feel great on the way. If you are a gritty off-road lover and want to enjoy adventures in odd weathers and tough road conditions, these tyres will be a perfect match for your motorcycle. You will feel the difference of great grip and excellent traction on wet and even muddy track and slippery road. If you are fond of racing, these tyres will understand your needs and create a wonderful harmony with the road and if you are driving a sport bike, contact us for splendid tyres to suit your bike and enjoy their potential and your zeal at the same time.


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