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With a century of quality service, Avon Tyres has been around since 1904, and has since gained worldwide recognition. Not only does Avon endorse the production of car and van tyres, but has been manufacturing motorbike tyres since as long as we can remember. Avon has not only kept its promise on the road, but proves faithful on racetracks and dirt trails as well. Avon Tyres is perhaps one of the best and most professional tyre manufacturer out there.

Avon Motorcycle trye is Making for a larger market

Avon Motorcycle Tyres are exceptionally designed to provide a firmer grip on the road, and to reduce wear and tear caused by friction between the tread and the road. The tyre’s inner mechanism has been designed by some of the most professional automotive engineers. The interior is reinforced with Aramid fibers for high-end stability and for premium user experience. These sensational tyres have high-quality carcasses and a silica-rich tread. The treading patterns are unique and optimum for all types of road conditions. While in action out on the roads, Avon Motorbike Tyres warm up fast and require little to no effort in steering, providing greater comfort, stability, and durability.

Buy Avon Motorcycle Tyres Online

Avon Motorcycle Tyres prices, although slightly costly, are definitely worth the effort. These bad boys are available in various certified outlets, but if you want quality reassurance, you can always just buy Avon Motorcycle Tyres online. Being a fully established organization, it only seems ideal that you can easily find the Avon Motorcycle Tyres online. If you don’t give them a go, you’re missing out.

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About Avon Motorcycle Tyres

For more than 100 years, Avon tyres have been producing motorcycle rubber. The company began producing motorcycle tyres in 1911. The majority of Avon Motorcycle tyres are made in Melksham. Scooter and lightweight commuter products are not made in Melksham. Today Avon produces modern day touring tyres to heavyweight cruiser motorcycles and a wide product range for all different styles of machines. Avon offers a top quality range of products by using the most up to date design and manufacturing technologies. Avon moto tyres are designed, developed, tested and manufactured in Britain. Avon tyres for Motorcycle are known to shrug off the elements and make a pleasurable riding experience. Avon tyres is now owned by the Cooper Tyre and Rubber company. 

Avon Moto Tyres - A Good Choice

When it is time to buy new motorcycle tyres, choosing to buy Avon Motorcycle tyres is a good choice. Avon Motorcycle tyres are high quality good performance tyres that can meet your budget. There are so many tyre manufacturers in the industry, sometimes it is difficult to know which ones to choose.The option to buy Avon Motorcycle Tyres online is the most convenient and cost effective way to shop.

Discovering the Best Avon Motorcycle Tyres Prices

Using our website can help you choose the right model of Avon Motorcycle tyres that will best suit your needs. We also do your comparison shopping for you to help you find the best Avon Motorcycle tyres prices. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping at your leisure any time of the day or night. Another online shopping perk with our website, is the ability to have your new Avon Motorcycle tyres delivered to the destination of your choice. 

Avon Motorcycle Tyre Safety Tips and Guide

Once you have purchased your new Avon Motorcycle tyres, it is very important for safety reasons and longevity of your tyres that you maintain them. Your tyres are the only thing connecting you and your motorcycle to the road. Your can start your regular maintenance regime by understanding all the writing and symbols that are located on the sidewall of your tyre. This information will tell you things like the maximum speed these tyres can handle, the load weight of the tyres, the proper way to mount it on the wheel, the tyres width, where the tyre was made and the safety standards the tyre has passed. Along with information you will also be able to identify the tyre identification number, the manufacturing date code, tyre designation size, pattern code and a few other pieces of key information. Always check your front and rear tyres pressure to ensure they are inflated properly for safety and optimal riding performance. Check the pressure specifications set out by Avon. If your tyres contain tubes, always ensure the tube are properly fitted by an experienced tyre professional. Check your tread wear on a regular basis to ensure you are getting the proper grip and braking optimization. Low tread wear can be a significant safety hazard, especially when riding on wet surfaces and cornering at high angles.

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