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Where are Maxxis Motorcycle Tyres Made?

Maxxis Motorcycle tyres are made globally with production operations in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, Great Britain, Dubai, India, Indonesia, USA, Japan, Germany and Holland. 

What are Some Types of Maxxis Moto Tyres?

Maxxcross IT - these Maxxiss Moto Tyres wee specifally designed for hardcore motocrosser riders. They are very long lasting, durable, intermediate to hardpack conditons tyres. The combination of the M7305 rear tyre and the M7304 front tyre provides overall balance performance. 

Maxxcross SI - these Maxxis tyres for motorcycle use are a flexible go to tyre. These tyres were developed as part of the Grand National Cross Country Series. These are the perfect Maxxis Motorcycle tyres for intermediate and muddy terrain. These are perfect for Motocross tracks and off-road soft/intermediate terrain conditions. 

DTR-1 - - these Continental Moto tyres were designed for dirt track racers. These tyres offer suburb control and traction for a variety of track racing conditions. Available in CD3 soft compound, CD5 Medium compound. However these tyres are not approved for street or highway use and they are a tube tyre tire only. 

M6001 - designed for high performance in a variety of motocross and cross country terrains as they have a 6 ply rating and are puncture resistant. These tyres are constructed with reinforced bead and extra nylon to provide extra strength. The tread design is a unique knob and groove which provides exceptional handling through soft, intermediate and hard terrain riding. 

Things to Consider When Buying MaxxCross Motorcycle Tyres

The first thing to consider when you are going to buy Maxxis Motorcycle Tyres is the purpose of the tyres. Will you be riding on soft, intermediate, hard or all three terrain conditions? Are these for motosport racing, or for cross country terrain riding? What is your budget? Our website can help you choose Maxxis Motorcycle tyres online. We can provide you with direct links to access the best Maxxis Motorcycle tyres prices. We do your comparison shopping for you. Another benefit of using our site to buy your Maxxis Motorcycle tyres is the fact you can have them delivered to the destination of your choice. No need to inconvenience yourself by having to pick them up. 

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Maxxis is one of the remarkable tyre brands in the motorcycle market that is serving its customers with super class tyres for all seasons around the year. Concentration on quality, consistent focus on performance, and safety of the drivers ensured are the salient features of these tyres. Maxxis motorcycle tyres are carefully designed and manufactured keeping the road conditions and weather uncertainties in view. Every tyre is tested and inspected on the parameters of reliability, durability, wet control, cornering ability, and dry performance and are then, floated in the tyre market.

Maxxis motorcycle tyres will be a right choice for those who are fond of biking and love a smooth, controlled, and excellent performance not only on highways but in contests and competitions. Maxxis is famous for its participation in World Cup Qualifying Games that shows its commitment to quality and high standards in manufacturing motorcycle tyres.

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